At Cymroz Great Danes, all our dogs and puppies are fed a raw diet. Raw is food free from grains, preservatives, excess amounts of salts, fats & calories and is high in essential fatty acids and is highly digestible and nutritional, just as nature intended.

We also include supplements into their diet simply because
 the soil which a lot of animals graze on, or are fed grain cultivated from, is not what it used to be. Therefore it is a good idea to offer extra nutrients to growing bodies.

Supplements to consider include:

Ranvet racing oil (a source of Omega-3 & 6)
Coconut oil (antibacterial and antifungal)
Nutritional herbs (Rose hip)
Probiotics (Green tripe is an excellent source, however we use a daily probiotic)
Humavyte (a vitamin supplement)
Joint Guard for growing bones.
Tumeric " Golden Paste"
Puppies should be fed 2-3% of their anticipated adult weight as a rough guide. Preferably, look to see if the puppy gets too fat or too thin and adjust accordingly.

TOO THIN: You should be able to see the last coule of ribs at the most. If you can see hips or spine, they are too thin.
OVERWEIGHT: If you cannot see the last 2 ribs and there is no tuck up then there's a good chance your pup is overweight. Overweight pups can develop health/structural problems due to the excess weight on a young growing frame.
All puppies should be fed three times a day. From approximatley 5 months most can tolerate being fed twice a day, however you should be watching your pup and if he/she looses condition then they need a lunch time feed again.
Great danes should then remain on a twice daily feeding routine for the entirety of their life.
Treats: When offering treats, consider making your own or purchasing natural healthy snacks. Many treats contain fillers such as wheat, starches, additives and sugar, which are not a natural part of your dogs diet.