Breeders Terms - What does it mean?
Breeders terms means a dog or bitch is offered up into a pet home (generaly at a reduced price, depending on their age) for the purpose of breeding the dog/bitch later on. This is done for a variety of reasons, but generaly the dog or pup is valuable to the breeding programe but may not have that "spark" or perfect coat markings for the show ring. Placing a dog like this into a home means he/she gets to enjoy a happy pet home whilst still being a valuable part of the breeding programe.
Before entering into a breeders terms arrangement ensure you are comfortable with the whole thing. For bitches, it means the bitch goes back to the breeder, sometimes neccessary when the mating is to occur (depending on distance from the breeder, or if AI is being done) but always when she is due to whelp. Tthis means she will be away for aprox to 8 weeks, at Cymroz where the owners are always welcome to visit. In return the Co-Owner is offered a puppy or the cost of one. Taking on a bitch on breeders terms is not a choice to be made lightly.
Dogs on breeders terms are a lot easier and are basicaly to be made available to the breeder when needed for stud duties, depening on distance the dog may stay with the breeder for a few days but this is a mutual arrangement.
There needs to be a high level of trust and communication with your breeder, if you are wanting a pup on breeders terms. These pups are not always advertised so if you are interested then please enquire.
Please note, breeders terms means the dog/bitch is ONLY for the breeder to use for breeding purposes, they are NOT to be used otherwise, without our consent, once the bitches have finished with having litters, Cymroz great danes will cover the costs of sterilizing her, this is also the same if we decide not to use her in the breeding programe for whatever reason. This may in some cases also extend to the males.